The 3D Portfolio of Matthew Nelson

This is the portfolio and creative playground of the CG artist Matthew Nelson.

Here you’ll find my 3D portfolio containing finished, rendered pieces of my CG characters, creatures and other projects. The showreel contains breakdowns of a few of my projects and there is a section focusing on my mobile game productions.

I have experience creating mobile games, working in both a traditional production environment and with a small independent group of developers. I have been involved with successfully shipping three mobile games and one Facebook platformer. As an artist, these experiences have allowed me to gain understanding of all aspects of game art creation, from concept and preproduction to and all the way through production and delivery. When I began working at the company Gig-it, I was faced with the challenge of working on a game currently in production. This allowed me to gain experience matching existing styles to create a cohesive look, while working closely with other team members to problem solve and meet production deadlines. As an independent game developer, I collaborate more distantly with other developers through regular conference calls and emails, to ensure rapid completion of game design and aesthetics. Artistically, I have been responsible for creating environments, characters, props, and visual effects for these games using industry standard programs including Maya and Zbrush.